Wed Jan 25, 2023
Academia, government, and industry come together to address today’s most pressing issues in the regulation of medical products, from diversity in clinical trials to misinformation.
Wed Dec 14, 2022
Dean Kathy Giacomini covers the School’s latest accomplishments and outlines her plans for the School’s future
Thu Dec 8, 2022
Four School of Pharmacy faculty members rank in the top 1 percent of researchers for their highly cited work
Wed Dec 7, 2022
New program to sponsor two graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds annually
Fri Oct 28, 2022
QBI Director Krogan receives the Legion of Honor, France’s highest award
Tue Oct 25, 2022
Giacomini gathers a leadership team in pursuit of a new vision for the School of Pharmacy.
Thu Oct 13, 2022
Shoichet’s “docking” approach continues to produce better drugs with fewer side effects.
Thu Oct 6, 2022
Manglik, Cheng, and colleagues break decades-long impasse in understanding a common autoimmune disorder.
Thu Sep 22, 2022
UCSF researchers use combination therapy to expose cancerous protein targets to the immune system