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The search for the perfect painkiller

The Guardian

Unmasking a cellular hallmark of cancer

Scientists identify a signature of cancers caused by mutant RAS that may lead to precise therapies.

Microscopy illuminates life

Even with the best of microscopes, it's still a challenge to visualize the "inner life" of the cell.

Cell-folding research opens door to building with biology

Researchers were able to coax layers of cells to form shapes not found in nature, such as cubes.

Grants & Fellowships: Fall 2017

Pharmaceutical Chemistry department members have received the following grants and fellowships between October and December 2017:

12/4/2017: The National Institutes of Health awarded Adam Renslo a grant for his project entitled "Biophysical Fragment Screening and Structure Determination for Class A, B, and D Carbapenemases." This project will be funded for 2 years.