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Matt Jacobson, PhD

Research areas

Categories of department research:

Research services and facilities

Organized research unit (ORU)

Dean's Office

Research programs and collaborations

*The technologies within each of these core facilities are advanced and improved by department faculty members and used by faculty members at UCSF and beyond to conduct their science.

Education programs

Includes education programs administered by or involving department faculty members:

PhD degree programs

Administered by the School of Pharmacy. (Faculty members teach in many PhD degree programs at UC San Francisco.)

The five PhD programs administered by the School sit under the broader umbrella of the Quantitative Biosciences Consortium (QBC).

Professional degree programs

  • PharmD
  • Professional degree programs in other UCSF schools

Postdoctoral programs




The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry has an operating budget of more than $36 million. Details: Funding


as of January 18, 2017


  • Salaried 32
  • Without salary 25

Postdoctoral fellows 69

Staff 44

Academic appointees 47