The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry has an operating budget of approximately $42 million. The department, and the UCSF School of Pharmacy of which it is a part, are state-assisted, not fully state-funded.

In addition to California state general funds, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry funding sources include federal and other contracts and grants, private gifts, faculty professional fees and School services, student professional fee and continuing education program income, and indirect cost recovery funds.

Expenditures by funding source

Fiscal year 2019-2020
Approximate operating budget: $42,388,259
Funding category Amount Percentage
Federal contracts and grants $18,459,631 43.5%
Other contracts and grants $9,431,002 22.2%
Faculty professional fees and School services $5,323,011 12.6%
Private gifts $3,129,889 7.4%
Student professional fee income / continuing education $2,975,476 7.0%
California state general funds $2,489,085 5.9%
Indirect cost recovery funds $580,165 1.4%
California Poison Control System $0 0.0%

Federal and other research contracts and grants awarded (millions)

Fiscal year Federal - NIH Federal - Other Other Total Awards
2020 $14.6M $3.8M $9.5M $27.9M
2019 $17.5M $1.2M $11.0M $29.6M
2018 $15.4M $1.8M $10.7M $28.0M
2017 $15.3M $2.2M $10.7M $28.2M
2016 $14.2M $2.5M $10.6M $27.3M
2015 $16.0M $2.0M $7.8M $25.8M
2014 $13.5M $2.2M $5.7M $21.4M
2013 $11.9M $2.2M $5.2M $19.2M
2012 $15.3M $1.7M $7.9M $24.9M
2011 $12.8M $1.4M $6.6M $20.8M
2010 $12.0M $1.7M $7.1M $20.9M
2009 $12.2M $0.7M $7.4M $20.2M